Case Western Reserve Physical Education

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The physical education program at CWRU is an integral part of life on campus as it provides many students with a weekly opportunity to exercise and socialize built right into their busy schedules.  Physical activity should be an important part of everyone's life. The Physical Education Department is committed to providing a comprehensive program to promote health and wellness through the acquisition of skills and knowledge that can be incorporated into a holistic lifestyle.

The department has designed an instructional program of modern activities and lifetime sports.  Each semester, 15-25 co-educational lifetime sports classes are offered.

Undergraduates have a one-year physical education requirement to be completed in the first year.  Required classes, for zero credits, are offered for either half-semester or full-semester. Others who have completed the requirement may audit classes.

A number of popular, advanced lifetime sports activities are also offered for one hour of academic credit.  Advanced skills, strategy, and coaching are taught (PHED 200-299). 

Substitution for Varsity Sports

guys playing soccer

Varsity athletes may substitute their varsity sport for the PE requirement during that sport season. Athletes are required to register for the varsity sport section as listed by the registrar. Athletes must register in order to receive credit toward the PE requirement.


After completing the PE requirement students may attend any class and receive instruction via the audit system.

Attendance Policy

Students are required to attend class. Students are permitted two (2) absences per 1/2 semester class. Students missing more than two (2) classes will receive a no-pass grade


Students are required to dress appropriately for activity. Street shoes are not permitted on any playing surface. Shoes with non-marking soles are required for all gym and court surfaces.