CWRU Volleyball Trip to Spain: Day 3 Blog

CWRU Volleyball Trip to Spain: Day 3 Blog


Today we had two main events: we visited El Prado Museum and played our second game of the trip against Club Voleibol Albacete. 
We started the day at the museum which holds art by many famous artists, but the primary artists featured were El Greco and Goya. Since there were many paintings by Goya in the museum,  we were able to follow his evolution as a painter through his life and see how his change in perspective influenced the nature of his paintings.
After a few hours at the museum, we split off into groups and got the opportunity to keep exploring the city of Madrid. Our group walked around the central square of Madrid, La Plaza Mayor, where we indulged in Spanish cuisine and shopped at souvenir stores and boutiques. The highlight of the afternoon was a stop at Amarino's for gelato!
We then left to play our match in Albacete, and after the game we went to a local restaurant for tapas with the team. We were able to learn about and appreciate the differences in our cultures and volleyball experiences. We also discovered our one true love: the Spanish omlette.
After dinner we continued our trip to Valencia, where we will spend the next two days and nights. Stay tuned for entries at the second stop of our adventure!