CWRU Volleyball Trip to Spain: Day 1 Blog

CWRU Volleyball Trip to Spain: Day 1 Blog
Karina Bondelid




We started our day by embarking on a bus tour. The first stop was the Plaza de Toros, a famous bull-fighting arena. The sport still serves as popular entertainment for the Spanish people.


We continued to enjoy the sites on our bus tour. One of which is the Alcalá Gate. This monument was built by order of the then king, Charles III, for the purpose of marking the eastern boundary. It finished construction in 1778. On the surface, it reminds one of France's Arc de Triomphe and Berlin's Brandenburg Gate; however, the Alcala Gate preceded both, making it the first of its time since the fall of the Roman Empire.

Our bus tour came to a close when we reached our next destination: Palacio Real de Madrid. We had the opportunity to embark on a guided tour through the preserved halls of the Spanish Royal Family's former home. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed in the actual residence!

After we finished going through the Royal Palace, the next activity was a walking tour. We toured through one of many amazing gardens that sat right outside of the palace!

In the last legs of our walking tour, we had the opportunity to see these monuments above, called the Templo de Debod. This Egyptian structure is over 2,000 years old! The temple was dismantled, given as a gift to Madrid by the Egyptian government, and rebuilt in this park during the twentieth century.

A statue of Phillip III was erected in this famous town square, the Plaza Mayor. All around the area are cafes, shops, and restaurants dedicated to providing an easy afternoon or evening filled with tapas, and delicious desserts.

Unfortunately, the brutal heat wave and lack of sleep from our flight caught up to us. We stopped to eat as a team at a small restaurant about a block from our hotel.