CWRU Wrestling Announces Team Awards at Second-Annual Banquet

CWRU Wrestling Announces Team Awards at Second-Annual Banquet

As a part of the Case Western Reserve University Wrestling Awards Banquet on Saturday, Spartans Head Coach Danny Song announced the winners of the 2016-17 team awards.

"Building a culture takes a ton of hard work and sacrifice from all involved," said Song. "With that, it is critical to get together and celebrate and recognize our progress."

"Results and accomplishments aside, the banquet is an incredible opportunity to honor some of our program supporters," said Song. "The ability to host Si Ostrach, Doc McLaughlin and Carol Kerslake for such an occasion was an honor."  

Team award winners for the 2016-17 season included the following:

Most Pins Award: Michael Petersen (7)
Dr. Si Ostrach, Highest GPA Award: Alec Hoover, Nate Tommas (4.0, fall semester)
John T. Vaughan Most Dedicated Award: Alec Hoover
The Coaches Most Outstanding Performance: Michael Petersen (Chicago Dual)
Dr. Tom McLaughlin Tortoise and the Hare Award: Adam Bloomer
The Bill Kerslake Most Improved Award: Nick Tommas
The Bob Del Rosa Most Valuable Wrestler Award: Isaac Collier

Additional photos from the event are posted on the CWRU Wrestling Facebook page at

"There were many highlights this year, chief among them was our Scholar Wrestling Team National Championship," said Song. "A major contributing factor to this result was having solid leadership. Seniors Matt Moy and Nate Lewis were a pleasure to have and we look forward to welcoming them back in the years to come. Two things come to mind when looking ahead to 2018: 1. We have all returning starters back and, 2. The 2018 NCAA Championships will be right here in Cleveland. What an opportunity! No doubt, the best is yet to come! "