Organization Structure

Spartan Club bylaws (.pdf) -- as of September 9, 2010.

Although the purpose of the organization has not changed, the by-laws were amended in order for three distinct reasons:

1) A Refocused Strategy - Based on surveys, lengthy strategy sessions and multiple executive committee meetings to discuss how best to operate, the consensus is to restructure the operation of the Spartan Club to primarily focus where our Alumni Athlete's loyalties lie with their teammates, regardless of graduation year.  The Spartan Club's new strategy is to work closely with Coaches and recent Alumni to build communities on a per team basis.

2) A Name Change - In response to requests from recent alumni athletes and CASA (Case Association of Student Athletes) the name has been changed to avoid the inconvenient pronunciation of the CRAC acronym.

3) Operational Efficiency - A number of formalities outlined in the by-laws have not been honored in over a decade.  As a result, the club has chosen alter by-laws to represent how the club now operates.

The Hall of Fame selection has changed in a number of ways, here is a summary:

1) Consolidation of three Committees into a single committee, with representation from three prior decades

2) Replacing existing categories with three distinct induction categories (up to one Special Category selection, up to one Heritage selection, and up to five CWRU selections) 

3) Ensure representation both male and female athletes at each year's induction.