CWRU Men's Basketball Trip to Belize Blog - Day 5

CWRU Men's Basketball Trip to Belize Blog - Day 5

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Stephen Sangree
Junior · Guard
New Providence, N.J. / Morristown-Beard School 

Today was our last day full day in Belize.  The team went out on a big Catamaran boat to enjoy a day of fishing, snorkeling, and relaxing before heading back to Cleveland.

It didn't take long (about 45 seconds) for me to catch my first fish.  I thought I was a fishing prodigy, however, I came crashing back to reality after I didn't catch anything else for the next two hours!  We ate the fish that we all caught for lunch and it ended up being some of the best seafood I ever had.

Later, we went snorkeling in a different part of the Caribbean Sea, and saw more aquatic life, including a sea turtle. The team had fun throughout the week, despite coming home with a few sunburns from the great weather.

We leave the resort tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. to start our journey back to Cleveland, and we will all miss Belize when school starts on Monday.