CWRU Men's Basketball Trip to Belize Blog - Day 3

CWRU Men's Basketball Trip to Belize Blog - Day 3

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Day 1: Mike McGovern | Day 2: Colin Zucker & Eric Black | Day 3: TJ Duckett

TJ Duckett
Senior · Forward
Hyattsville, Md. / St. Anselm's Abbey School 

After a great day of exploring the Mayan ruins it was time to head to San Pedro. We packed up and got ready for the journey while enjoying some delicious sandwiches on the way.

We arrived at the airport during a heavy rainstorm which did not make our Assistant Coach Rudy Kirbus happy at all. We piled into the fifteen passenger plane and had a great time learning about many of the different factors and all the machinery that goes into flying a plane. It was a great flight and was very smooth but Rudy was glad to be off the plane.

After arriving at the Belizian Shores resort we spent the rest of the day swimming in the ocean, kayaking, and enjoying some water slides. Overall it was a great day, and we had a great time.