CWRU Men's Basketball Trip to Belize Blog - Day 1

CWRU Men's Basketball Trip to Belize Blog - Day 1

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Day 1: Mike McGovern | Day 2: Colin Zucker & Eric Black


2016 Men's Basketball Trip to Belize
Day 1 Blog
Mike McGovern
Sophomore · Forward
Upper Arlington, Ohio / Upper Arlington 

After having to spend an extra day in the states, everyone was extremely anxious to get things going in Belize.

From the airport in Belize City, we left for San Ignacio with a plan for a few stops along the way. One of which was to an orphanage. This was the highlight of the day. When we arrived, we were greeted by some of the most energetic and enthusiastic kids that I have ever seen. From playing basketball to climbing through the jungle gym, it was tough to keep up with them. We could have stayed and played with them all day and I don't think they would have even broken a sweat.

However, when I came to truly appreciate the experience was when I got the chance to sit and actually converse with a few of them. I'm sure I speak for the rest of the team when I say that these were some of the most kind and optimistic kids out there. Despite the tremendously tough hand they have been dealt in life, it did not discourage them from making the best of the situation and continuing to chase their dreams. They talked of becoming police officers, veterinarians, and social workers. My hope for them is that they can hold on to their dreams and passions through the extreme adversity; because if they can do that, I have no doubt they can put themselves in a great position to succeed.

In addition to this, we had the opportunity to play a local team and interact with the opposing players after the game. From both of these experiences, we were introduced to a culture far different from ours; and I think we're all better for it. Overall, today was a very mind opening experience and a solid start to our trip.