Name Description
Advisor This Form must be submitted by your Club Faculty/Staff Advisor each academic year by the Compliance Deadline
Budget Outline of projected expenses and income that is to be submitted for approval
Coach/Instructor Packet This Packet must be submitted by your Club Coach/Instructor along with the supporting documentation  
Coach/Instructor DHA Daily Health Assessment must be completed before attending practices or having any involvement on CWRU's campuses.
Competing Schools Agreement Must be used to make an agreement with another school to have a competition event under the conditions specified
Competition Schedule To be completed each semester (Fall and Spring)

Constitution Guide

Guide to constructing a constitution for a club
Deposit Used to deposit money into the club account

Driver Clearance
(pdf version)

Must be completed and approved before driving on a club trip
Equipment Inventory Used to track club equipment inventory
Facility Reservation Must be used to reserve Athletic Facility for Club Sport Competition and/or Special Event
Fundraising Must be used to propose a fundraising event
Injury Must be used in the case of an athletic or physical education related injury

Membership Agreement

(Under 18 PDF)

All individuals MUST complete and submit this form before they are eligible to participate in any club activity -- This Form MUST be completed each academic year

Officer Listing Form

This for must be filled out to keep Officer information up-to-date, generate program email list and access Officer Resources Folder

Officials Payment Form

This for must be filled out in order to submit payment for Officials

Pre-Travel Roster

Used to check status of Club Mambers that will be participating in upcoming travel


Used to make a request for reimbursement of club related purchases
Request for Recognition Required for interested clubs to become officially recognized as part of the Club Sports Program 
Semester Report To be completed at the end of each semester
Supplier Information Form Officials, vendors, and other schools must complete this in order to receive payment
Travel Authorization Request This must be completed and approved by the Club Sports Professional Staff before a Club may travel