Becoming a Sport Club

All Club Sports are student organizations, but not all student organizations are Club Sports. In order to be a Club Sport, the organization must be a sport and meet other requirements listed below. Club Sports are provided benefits such as limited funding, professional staff guidance, and facility space for practices and/or contests. In order to inquire about becoming or joining a student organization that is not yet a Club Sport, please visit the Office of Student Activities.

Clubs must have a history of at least two years of successful operation to be eligible for full Club Sport status. Usually this is by being a recognized student organization. Within the first two years, clubs may apply to the Club Sport Program for Provisional Club status benefits.

In order to become part of the CWRU Club Sports Program, the club must follow the application procedure outlined below.

1. Fill out a Recognition Request Form.

2. Fill out Club Membership Roster Form.

3. Detail reasons for wanting to be admitted to the CWRU Club Sport Program and acknowledging acceptance of Club Sport Program regulations. They must also provide:

4. A copy of the club's budget for the previous year, if applicable.

5. A copy of the club's proposed budget for the succeeding year.

6. A copy of the club's constitution and by-laws which should include detailed information on the club's sanctioning organization as well as other rules, regulations and requirements that may apply to the club.

7. A complete list of all equipment owned by the club. If equipment is privately owned, then list the owner as well.

8. Information on length of season, practices, and meetings/practice space required.

9. A copy of the club's list of prospective faculty/staff advisors.

10. Present application to Club Sport Council.


The Club Sport professional staff, in consultation with the club representative(s), Club Sport Council, and the Athletic Director, will then review the applications. This review will include:

1. The availability of facilities and required equipment, and the impact of the proposed activity existing facilities and available equipment.

2. Club financial resources.

3. Student interest in the proposed activity.

4. The degree of risk involved.