Sports Medicine Minor

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The Sports Medicine Minor is a comprehensive program with didactic and clinical coursework.

The program begins with the fundamentals - general medical conditions, sports nutrition, pharmacology, emergency care, etc.

Students will take part in clinical and field experiences throughout the program, working closely with Certified Athletic Trainers, team physicians, and other heath care professionals in courses, clinicals and fieldwork.

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Sports Medicine Minor

PHED 332 Introduction to Sports Medicine 3
PHED 334 Orthopedic Assessment of the Upper Extremity 3
PHED 339 Orthopedic Assessment of the Lower Extremity 3
PHED 341 Physiology of Exercise 3
PHED 342 Kinesiology 3
PHED 350 Therapeutic Rehabilitation and Modalities 3



Contact Aaron Gunther, Interim Head Athletic Trainer
Phone: 216-368-2863