Faculty/Staff Athletic Advisor Program

Men's Varsity Athletic Teams

Baseball - Gary Pillar
Basketball - Lynmarie Hamel, JD
Cross Country - David Matthiesen, Ph.D.
Football - Jim Hurley
Soccer -
Swimming - Christopher Butler
Tennis - Wojbor A. Woyczynski
Track (Indoor, Outdoor) - John Lewandowski
Wrestling - 

Women's Varsity Athletic Teams

Basketball - Megan Holmes
Cross Country - David Matthiesen
Soccer -
Softball - Jennifer Carter, Ph. D.
Swimming - Jennifer Butler
Tennis - Leena Palomo
Track (Indoor, Outdoor) - John Lewandowski
Volleyball - Alan Levine


Faculty and staff advisors provide an important support role for CWRU student-athletes and coaches. The faculty/staff advisor serves as an advocate for students competing in varsity athletics and provides a valuable link between the student-athlete and the CWRU faculty.

In addition, the faculty/staff advisor may develop a broader involvement in the student-athlete experience and contribute to other individual and team programs and activities. The team Faculty/Staff Advisor program will facilitate integration of the intercollegiate programs into the undergraduate experience of Case Western Reserve University.


  • Assist student-athletes, and coaches, in linking with university programs, resources and support activities
  • Provide job or graduate school recommendations as requested
  • Communicate to the university community the performance of individual student-athletes and varsity athletic teams
  • Support coaches in recruiting efforts as schedule permits


  • Develop a meaningful relationship with student-athletes, coaches and the Department of Physical Education and Athletics.
  • Witness and contribute to the physical and educational growth and advancement of students
  • Represent the team with team issued gear and apparel