Case Western Reserve University
Spartan Leadership Academy
The Program



To develop the complete scholar athlete leader of the highest caliber to represent CWRU. Connect with fellow leaders across sports in order to learn new skills, promote growth mentality and idea sharing. 



  • Engage like-minded individuals to share perspective
  • Develop confident leaders who are actively engaged
  • Produce a culture of 100% accountability and support
  • Hone communication skills regarding problem solving and conflict management / resolution


The philosophy and challenge of The Program:

Head to the summit and bring others with you!

Leadership is a skill. Like any skill, leadership can be practiced and developed. Doing the little things correctly and consistently will produce a winning culture. Consistency in your preparation will lead to competent, comfortable and confident interaction. Striving to be effective leaders together by learning new skills will lead to positive and credible examples with the rapport to engage others.

Acquire the skills, catalyze growth and encourage your peers!



Nominations for The Program are made by the head coach of each varsity athletic program. If you are interested in joining, please let your head coach know that you want to develop your leadership skills. 

2018-2019 Academic year programs are scheduled for (some changes may occur due to speaker availability):

  • Tuesday, November 6, 7am
  • Monday, December 10, 10am
  • Tuesday, February 5, 7am
  • Tuesday, March 5, 7am

Hear those in the program:

"I have had such a rewarding experience with our Spartan Leadership Academy, The Program. My teammates and I have been able to connect with each other to strengthen our leadership abilities, with other teams to collaborate and share ideas, and with all of the amazing speakers to take away skills and share our experiences with our team. I am so glad to be involved with such a great program and be able to take away so much as an athlete and as a future professional!"

-Nicole Doyle, Womens Softball  


"We focus to improve everyday on the court and in the classroom. Our goal is to develop as scholar-athletes of the highest caliber to represent our team. The Program has taught me how to stay organized, be a leader, and hold myself and my teammates accountable for short term and long term goals."

-Jon Powell, Mens Tennis