Voting Results from Week 3 of the CWRU Athlete of the Decade Contest

Chris Cvecko, Isaac Dukes, Suhan Mestha and Kendra Simmons

Over the course of the next two months, will be holding a tournament to decide the Case Western Reserve University Athlete of the Decade. The full bracket updated through the end of the third week can be viewed here.

The third week of the tournament featured four more first-round matches, and ended with three-quarters of the second-round spots filled. Voting results from this week are below:

First-Round Match #9

Former men's soccer player Chris Cvecko moved on to the next round after picking up 65.1% of the vote in his first-round match against former men's cross country and track & field team member Sam Merriman. Cvecko's second round match will be against former women's basketball player and track & field team member Erin Hollinger.

First-Round Match #10

Former National Champion wrestler Isaac Dukes will be advancing to the second round after claiming 57.9% of the vote in his first round match against former softball player Ilissa Hamilton.

First-Round Match #11

Former women's swimmer Suhan Mestha earned a spot in the second round, collecting 79.0% of all votes cast in her match against former men's soccer player Vinny Bell. Mestha will face Dukes in the second round of the contest.

First-Round Match #12

In the final match of the week, former women's soccer player Kendra Simmons locked up a spot in round two, collecting 63% of the vote against former football player Cameron Brown. Simmons will face the winner of the first-round match between Justine Jeroski and Nithya Kanagasegar in the second round.

Up Next

Our first-round matches will continue on Monday, with voting for the final four first-round matches being held next week. The schedule of matches for the fourth week is as follows:

Monday, September 14 – Cassandra Laios (women's track & field) vs. Kara Hageman (women's basketball)
Tuesday, September 15 – CJ Krimbill (men's tennis) vs. Nate Wahner (men's track & field)
Wednesday, September 16 – Justine Jeroski (women's cross country) vs. Nithya Kanagasegar (women's tennis)
Thursday, September 17 – Chad Mullins (baseball) vs. Eric Klawitter (men's tennis)