Facility Reopening Information & FAQs (Starting Wed. August 19)


What are your current facility hours?

For our up-to-date facility hours, please go to https://athletics.case.edu/facilities/facility_hours_fall_2020.


Who is eligible to use the CWRU PE & Athletic Indoor and Outdoor Facilities?

All current CWRU ID holders who have university approval to be on campus. No exceptions at this time.


Will memberships be sold at this time?

No memberships will be sold until further notice.


Will a health screening be conducted at the main entrance of Wyant, Veale and Adelbert?

No, but our staff will ask you if you completed your university Attestation Form that day. Those who have not completed it will not be able to enter the facility.


Do I have to wear a mask entirely covering the nose, mouth, and chin when utilizing Veale, Wyant and Adelbert, even when I am working out?

Yes, masks that cover the nose, mouth, and chin are required in all parts of the Veale, Wyant Athletic and Wellness Centers and Adelbert, except while currently exercising in a water based activity. Those without a mask or face covering will not be permitted to enter. Physical distancing of 6 ft or more must be emphasized during any activity.


Do masks have to be worn outside at all times, even when engaging in physical activity outside?

INSIDE Veale, Wyant and Adelbert
Masks must be worn at all times while exercising in non-water based activities in Veale, Wyant and Adelbert. Physical distancing of 6' or more must be maintained during any activity.

Masks must be worn while exercising outside anywhere on campus including all outdoor athletic facilties.
Physical distancing of 6' or more must be maintained during any activity.

While on DiSanto and Van Horn Fields:

  • Groups of 10 or less practicing 6' physical distance

  • If more than one group of 10 on these fields, must have at least a 10 yard buffer between groups.

** Select activities under the direct supervision of a faculty or staff member of the Department of Physical Education and Athletics may be an exception.


How do I know how many people are in a certain area before I come?

Capacity limits will be monitored, and reservations can be made for some areas of Veale and Adelbert at https://athletics.case.edu/facilities/2020-21Reservations.


Are there capacity limitations in each space?

Yes, there are capacity limitations in each space. You may not access a space until appropriate limits are met. We ask that you limit your workout to 60 minutes.


Am I responsible for cleaning the weight and cardio equipment that I use before and after each use?

Yes, patrons are responsible for thoroughly cleaning the weight and cardio equipment that they use with spray bottles and microfiber towels or gym wipes.


What sports can I play in Adelbert Gym?

Three people are allowed to shoot on a half court, each with their own basketball, or singles or doubles badminton. No basketball games are allowed. We encourage any activities that can be done outdoors to be done on Van Horn or DiSanto Field, if available for recreational use.


Are the locker rooms open at Veale?

At this time, all locker rooms will be closed except the  Men's faculty / staff locker room for men and the Women's General Locker Room for the women and the 2 private changing rooms on the basement level and 1 private changing room on the first floor for changing only at Veale. In order to meet social distancing and provide adequate sanitization standards based on the university and state of OH regulations,  locker service will not be offered.

Bathrooms are available at Adelbert Gym on the first floor. The restrooms are for changing and using the restroom only.


Will showers be available?

No showers will be available.


Will towel service be offered?

No towel service will be offered at this time.


Will locker service be offered?

Daily use lockers and" for sale" lockers are all disabled in order to meet adequate sanitation standards based on the university and the state of OH.


Where are my items from my locker that I rented from the 2019-20 school year?

All items in lockers were bagged individually by locker. If you have been approved by the university to be on campus, you may pick up these items. Those who have not been approved by the university to be on campus will not be allowed to retrieve these items at this time. Please contact the facilities office for further options.


Will there be water fountains / bottle fillers available?

All water fountains have been disabled throughout the facilities, but water bottle filling stations are still in use.


Will daily equipment checkout be offered?

Yes, daily equipment checkout will be offered at Veale, Wyant and Adelbert and will be sanitized after every use.


Will overnight equipment checkout be offered?

Unfortunately, not at this time.


I have paid for a membership, and I have been approved by the university to come back. Will my membership be extended?

Yes, your membership will be extended for 5 months from the time that we were closed.


I have paid for a membership, but I am not eligible to be on campus. Will my membership be extended for the duration that the CWRU PE & Athletic Facilities were closed?

Yes, when it is approved by the university to be on campus, CWRU PE & Athletic Facilities will extend your membership. Contact the Facilities office is you prefer a refund.