CWRU Athletics Sets Record Number of Donations during 2018 CWRU Day of Giving

Case Western Reserve University's Annual Day of Giving on June 12th proved to be a huge success for the Department of Physical Education and Athletics, which led all departments at the University with 707 unique donors.

A total of $32,108 were raised by Physical Education and Athletics, as the department well exceeded its internal goals of 400 donors and $30,000 raised.

The goal of donors set by the CWRU for Physical Education and Athletics was 184 donors, which was exceeded by 384.2%.  By virtue of exceeded the donor goal by the highest percentage among all departments on campus, CWRU Athletics was awarded an additional $15,000 dollars, to be added to the Athletics Annual Fund.

"We were thrilled with the terrific support we received on the Day of Giving," said CWRU Director of Athletic and Chair of Physical Education Amy Backus.  Beating our goal by 384% was spectacular. The experience of our student athletes is our top priority, not only for our department, but clearly from those who support us as well. These new resources will help ensure that we continue to provide top-tier opportunities for all of our student athletes from varsity, club and intramurals"

Individual athletic teams also competed for the highest number of individual donors, with softball leading all programs with 92.  Volleyball followed with 71 donors, with women's soccer placing third with 67 donors contributing to the Day of Giving.  In addition to the money raised, the softball team will receive a $1,500 bonus for having the highest number of donors in the department.

Two CWRU teams had a 100% donation rate among current athletes, with each member of both the baseball and men's basketball teams making a contribution on the Day of Giving.

As a whole, Case Western Reserve University totaled 2,609 donors on the 2018 Day of Giving, far exceeding its goal of 1,500 donors.  The University raised a total of $1,551,470, and increase of close to $1.1 million from the 2017 Day of Giving.