Adelbert Gymnasium

Historic Adelbert Gymnasium was constructed between 1918 and 1919 then dedicated on June 1, 1919. The facility, which added to the first Adelbert Gym (1888) located at the south end of the building, was originally constructed as an armory for use during World War I.  However, the war ended before construction was finished, so Adelbert Gym was never used for that purpose.

Adelbert Gym then became the third home of the Western Reserve University Red Cats athletic program. Highlighting the Redcats’ 50-plus year run in the old armory, Western Reserve’s men’s basketball team defeated Yale University twice (27-17 in 1921 and 23-16 in 1931) and beat Boston University in 1937, 58-44. The 1969-70 season, according to records, was the last season which the varsity basketball team played in Adelbert Gym until CWRU’s first Throwback Weekend in February of 2006.

Throwback Weekend was held in Adelbert Gymnasium for four seasons with a pair of men’s and women’s basketball doubleheaders each year. The Spartan men wore Case Institute of Technology Rough Rider and Western Reserve Red Cat uniforms, while the donned uniforms commemorating Flora Stone Mather College.

After 2009, the facility was not used for a varsity athletic event until February 23, 2013 when the Spartan wrestling team hosted its Si Ostrach Meet at Adelbert Gymnasium. In the summer of 2013, the university upgraded the facility with a refurbished playing court.

Adelbert Gym is commonly used for varsity athletic practice as well as a multitude of intramural, club sport and campus recreational functions.