General Policies and Procedures for Student Group Facility Space Reservations

1. All activities using the Department of Physical Education and Athletics indoor and outdoor facilities for student groups must be arranged for and reserved using the process outlined below:


2. Facility space requests must be submitted using the facility request form found



3. The online request will ask for the following information:

  • Requested dates and times (alternatives if any)

  • Space desired

  • Name of organization

  • Contact person and phone number

  • Title of event

  • Equipment the group is securing or will need

  • Number of Participants: Exact attendance is required for approval; Capacity numbers for venues may depend on activities planned

  • Purpose of event, description of plans (to include: entry fees, attendees, admission charges, concessions, etc.)


4. Scheduling an event well in advance is recommended. The department encourages groups to request their space at least two weeks in advance. Space requests will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis. Reservations for the spring semester will be accepted beginning November 1


5. All events or space usages will require a facility staff member to be present.Group will be responsible for the staffing charges. Department of Physical Education and Athletics programs and events will take priority.


6. Due to the limited amount of indoor and outdoor Department of Physical Education and Athletics facility space, the Department is not able to reserve facility space on a regular basis for non-department use such as university departments and student organizations. 


7. The Department reserves the right to cancel any reservation up to twenty-four hours in advance due to University emergency.


8. Overnight events are prohibited in all Department of Physical Education and Athletics facilities.


9. Tobacco products and alcohol are prohibited in all Department of Physical Education and Athletics indoor facilities and only in designated areas at our outdoor facilities. Smoking is prohibited in both indoor and outdoor settings. 


10. Signs, posters, literature, booths, etc. will not be displayed without the consent of the Additionally, no tabling is permitted at this time


12. Rental fees for utilization of the Department of Physical Education and Athletics facility space may be applicable. Charges for custodial coverage, security, parking and other facility charges will be determined by the professional staff and will be in addition to any rental fees or staffing costs.


13. Set-up time and clean-up time must be included in the reservation (rental) request.


15. The Department of Physical Education and Athletics is not liable for problems that might occur prior to or during the rental period (i.e. power failure, air-conditioning problems, inclement weather, etc.).


16. The Department of Physical Education and Athletics will be responsible for setting up or dismantling most events. Professional Staff will determine if any exceptions can be made.


17. The Department of Physical Education and Athletics is not responsible for acquiring any furnishings or equipment for any group, unless special arrangements have been made with the  department professional staff event manager.


18. The use of the facilities will be on a scheduled and supervised basis. Facility users will not be given keys to open facilities or spaces nor will student employees be able use departmental keys unless on duty. Maintenance and security personnel will not open facilities, unless special arrangements have been made by the event coordinator.


19. The Department of Physical Education and Athletics reserves the right to postpone any outdoor field reservations due to damp, soggy, wet ground conditions. The department requires a telephone number of a contact person that can be easily reached, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. in case the fields need to be closed due to weather or unexpected conditions.


20. The group hosting the event is responsible for clean-up, returning all furniture and equipment to the correct location; repair of damages, and replacing damaged equipment or facilities.


21. No tape or adhesive product is to be placed on any of the facilities floors or walls without prior approval from the event manager. 


22. Insurance Coverage: In some cases, a user of the facilities will be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance to cover bodily injury and property damage. It must also include a clause stating that it will not hold Case Western Reserve University or its staff liable for fines, lawsuits, claims, demands, or actions, if any, and including personal injury, death, or damage, which may occur during the period of the event.


23. Medical coverage can be requested by the Department of Physical Education and Athletics for events held in its facilities. A cost may be associated with this coverage.


24. The Department of Athletics and Physical Education will follow all guidelines put in place by the university in regards to space usage. Details can be found at


25. If space is tentatively confirmed, student organizations will need to follow event programming during the fall 2020 semester at for additional information on necessary steps to take.Please note, your organization must also apply for event approval through Campus Groups. This form is not a substitute for the Campus Groups approval, which is a separate form and process necessary to hold an event.