CWRU Women's Soccer Trip to South Africa Blog - Day 6

CWRU Women's Soccer Trip to South Africa Blog - Day 6

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2017 Women's Soccer Trip to South Africa
Day 6 Blog
Emily Dickens
Sophomore · Defender

Naperville, Ill. / Waubonsie Valley

After early mornings the previous two days we had a later start with a departure time of 8:30 to the goedgedacht trust. A little more rested with a little less skin from sunburns peeling from days before, we left the city of Cape Town and watched the scenery become more and more rural spotting cows, sheep, and even some ostrich. 

We were welcomed by bright faces offering scones and juice as we arrived to goedgedacht trust. We listened to presentations on the programs in place. Their main project is called POP, path out of poverty.

The main focus is to reinsure that children in rural and impoverished areas stay in school as long as possible and are able to learn the skills they need in order to find their way in the world. With after school programs and sports (including the newly added girls soccer program) along with expeditions to the movie theater, to beach days and to the mall, they learn etiquette and skills and experience things they normally wouldn't without this program. These programs help ensure their continued enrollment in school and their growth as an active member of their community. Some children become volunteers of the goedgedacht trust eventually earning paid positions. There are 170 paid employees with more growing as more POP locations pop up. The trust maintains sustainable with donations from people to grow olive trees so they can sell products from them as well as a bike shop that receives 600 bicycles a year, giving 300 to the community and selling the other 300. We toured and saw the amazing projects in place and were further and further impressed by the ways goedgedacht gives back. After a leisurely lunch we got a tour of the farms that helps sustain the community as well as two renewable energy projects. The waste of the farm is used for biofuel to power the kitchens while a solar panel farm is used to power the offices of goengedacht and acts as a generator when the main power goes out. After the inspiring and humbling trip to goengedacht, the team boarded the bus to head back to the hotel before attending dinner at the Africa Cafe.

At the Africa cafe we had an experience like no other with traditional African dishes, dancing and even face paint. We all sat down as they explained how the food would be sorted, but we had no idea what we were in for. Plate after plate came out with dishes from fish to chipati to different seasoned chickens. We were full after the first round but it seemed the plates kept coming. It was all too delicious to resist. As we ate a woman came around and treated us all to beautiful face paint.

It only took Pauline about 30 seconds to mess hers up by rubbing some off. Decorated and stuffed we were then surprised with drums and singing entering the dining room. The traditional African songs entailed a bongo, singing, and even loud whistling that didn't seem to be possible to come from a human. It was an incredible experience to end our time spent in Cape Town. Next stop, safari!