Medical Clearance


I.     Medical Clearance

A)   The sports medicine staff at CWRU adheres to the NCAA Sports Medicine Guidelines, which states, “the team physician has the final responsibility to determine when a student-athlete is removed or withheld from participation do to an injury, an illness or pregnancy.  Furthermore, clearance for that individual to return to activity is solely the responsibility of the team physician or that physician’s designated representative.”  Therefore, the CWRU team physician(s) have the final say in clearing a student-athlete for participation.

B)    Any student-athlete that receive treatment from a medical provider outside CWRU’s sports medicine staff must received medical clearance from that provider.  However, CWRU’s team physicians maintain the ultimate decision on the student-athlete’s participation in varsity athletics.


II.     Second Opinions

A)   All injuries resulting from athletic participation should be cared for by the sports medicine staff at CWRU.  This includes, but is not limited to, athletic trainers and team physicians.  If the student-athlete and/or parent are not satisfied with the diagnosis or treatment of any athletic injury, another medical opinion may be obtained.

B)    The second opinion by a physician of the student-athlete’s choosing must be shared with the athletic training staff for history and treatment.

C)    Should the student-athlete decide on a treatment plan contrary to that of the team physician, CWRU’s team physician(s) will have the final say as to whether or not the student-athlete continues participation in CWRU’s varsity athletics.

D)   Any and all expenses incurred with the second opinion will be the responsibility of the student-athlete.  The athletic department will not assume financial responsibility for these additional consultations.